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Caros Pais,

Considerando que a prática desportiva deve andar de mãos dadas com o sucesso escolar, informamos que a partir de 2 de Outubro será possível ter aulas de Inglês no Clube, vocacionadas para os mais novos.

Deixamos toda a informação, bem como a mensagem da Professora e esperando que esta iniciativa tenha adesão e seja do vosso agrado.

“Hi, Hello, Ciao, Olá!!!

My name is Amber Nikora and I am very excited to introduce a BRAND NEW after school English class to Técnico Rugby!

My husband Miah and I have just arrived in beautiful Lisbon, along with our 2 children Indie (6) and Monty (3). Miah will be playing and coaching with the Senior Rugby team at Técnico and our daughter Indie will also play in Sub 8 .

We are from New Zealand originally, but have spent 6 years in Ireland, and then 2 years in Italy where I taught an English class much like this one we will commence here.

The idea is to play games, listen to music and have fun all whilst speaking in English only, allowing the children to hear the english language in a natural way whilst keeping them engaged and entertained, without any stress after a long day at school.

I ran classes for 2 years in Italy, and have experience in theatre and acting. I have a Masters TEFL certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) but I must stress, the classes are designed to be fun and interactive, not like a typical class room environment!

I do not speak Portuguese, (I am OK at Italian!!!) So your children will be exposed to english for the entire class.

We hope to start on Monday 2nd October 530pm – 630pm where you are welcome to come for a FREE TRIAL lesson, and after that classes will be €8 each.

Please email for more information. Or call me (Amber) on 925991112.

I really look forward to meeting you and your wonderful children!

Warm Regards

Amber Nikora”

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